4 Juli 2009

Make Money in Twitter

We know twitter.com is one of the most microblogging site in the world. Many people use twitter.com to actualization himself/herself. After that people don't know what to do for this website. At this time i want to share you, "How to Make Money in Twitter".

This is "How to Make Money in Twitter" :

  • You register as a publisher at http://revtwt.com/signup.php and add your Twitter account information.

  • Then you can post Cost Per Click (CPC) ads into your Twitter timeline. When other users click on the ads you post, you get paid for each valid click. Click fraud is monitored in real time and is not tolerated.

  • You can also earn a fixed fee by posting Cost Per Thousand (CPT) followers ads into your Twitter timeline. You need to have the minimum number of followers specified by the advertiser in order to post a CPT ad.

  • In addition, you can include Cost per Action (CPA) ads in every email you sent, or post them in your forum post, blog comment, social network status update, wall post and make money from and every social conversation you have on the Internet! When other people complete an action, typically submit an email or zip code, you get paid.

  • Some ads are targeted to countries specified by advertisers and may not be available to you if you are not from the specified countries.

For specified about Make Money in Twitter, you can visit this website.

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